Family Albums

April Record Month

Welcome back Vinyl to the decks!

April is our month of Records at Growing OGs and we are brining CDJ ancestry back with this month’s Industry Chats. Welcome for the first time John Colin, our vinyl expert that is going to share tips and tricks that you never thought was possible on turn tables.

Our Industry Chats is free for any music contributors to attend and we encourage this space for the industry to connect and share passions for music.

lining them up for the after party

Join us this month as we chat through the importance of records in today’s world of music. Let’s see why some DJs swear to only spin on records and why they will go to all the effort to make it possible.

We look forward to hosting you throughout this month at our Music Appreciation events taking place on Friday’s the 9th and 23rd April.

Family Albums

family album – vol 15 Levi


Family Albums

family album – vol 17 ELIF

Growing OGs Music Appreciation Under the Tree Vol 17

Four months after the studio’s opening and we celebrate the milestone of our first international act. We invite the talent of Turkish, Elif to share her music that we all highly appreciated. Her music journey has seen her perform around the world and is making waves with her music productions.

Welcoming our first international guest DJ, Turkish fire Elif
Pariah is showcasing his flavor right at home at Growing OGs HQ

A hearty thank you to Lakeside for the beer sponsor allowing us to give out free beers in celebration of the international guest DJ. Who doesn’t love a good cold beer!

Lakeside with us along the way to reaching new summits! Never peak, always rise.
Looking up and forward to all that music healing.
Under the Tree we share an appreciation for music and unity.
Inside we connect in a cannabis friendly space, even the walls carry cannabinoids.
Hitting that journey of flux with light work!
Daru’s left bringing us whats right
Daru’s right taking care of whats left in greeting with big love.

This week we managed to host Elif for two recordings of her online podcasts at Growing OGs HQ. We learnt about how music brings people together from all around and we excite working with Elif in the future too.

Family Albums

family album – vol 16 Nataša

Volume 16 and this week we host a new and dear friend, Nataša from Swoon Recordings. We excite the opportunity of curating a line up each week that will showcase the OG Collective afro flavour along with a guest that adds the right kinda spice!

Nataša was the perfect link between our maestro Dylan Munro and Stashe and it seems our dance-floor appreciated! Only at our Growing OGs HQ music studio can we see such music elegance come together! Enjoy our top 10 photo’s from the night.

Bless all those who got to enjoy it with us and welcome all those who would like to join in the future. Arts is indeed kept alive here.

Family Albums

family album – Vol 13

Enjoy some pics from our music appreciation sessions under the tree at our music studio on Kloof street in the heart of the Mother City.

This week we hosted long-standing friend in the music fam, Matt Halls. Power night was had indeed!

Growing OGs News

What do we do?

Growing OGs is a skill share and social impact NPO seeking to afford youth that have fallen out of formal education systems, the opportunity to gain an income earning skill. We seek to then reintroduce the students to educational training and will assist the completion of their own National Senior Certificate.

We focus on music and use this as our primary platform for our project. We host FREE DJ courses in the less privileged areas introducing our students to the opportunities that the music industry holds.

Classes start with everyone reporting back on what they managed to achieve the previous week furthering their DJ career.
We bring the hardware (Pioneer XDJ-XZ) for our students to practice their fundamentals – beat matching!
Concurrent to the DJ Course we host more advanced music production lessons. Here we have two guest DJ/Producers, Ben Tov (yellow vest) and Manuel Noeth (White t) sharing their production tips.