OG Collective

Molo friend

See this collective – as diverse and united as our beloved nation. Eight DJ/Producers stringing together a full line-up showcasing a broad range of Progressive Afro frequencies.

Youngest to the scene in this power OG Collective is RobbenTappi. their space was earned by constantly proving their value – without ask. Robben’s history (and name) vests in Robben Island and strives to host an event back on his home ground. Tappi joined forces with Robben and together take to their music journey – a true show of punchy percussive house music.

StaShe brings the zen and yang to the masculine dominated industry and to this OG Collective. Sarah excites making the DJ realm more accessible to females and teaches a female only class this spring.

Theo’s heritage vests in the Eastern Cape and is proud of his traditional culture reforming the Pariah in him. His introduction to music was tender then well-aged. Pariah has played at many of Cape Town’s night clubs and looks forward to the introduction of the OG Collective to festivals.

Hailing from in-land South Africa, mister Dylan Munro‘s music production showcases his roots. Dylan has facilitated the birth of underground music houses and played all around South Africa. His vet hours behind the decks bring about fire playlists for each OG Collective gig.

Finally the ever energetic Playground Twins. Introduced to DJing during finals of University 2015 – the Twins helped birth a new dance-floors, teach DJing through Growing OGs, host an event series, Shimmy Sunsets and resident at Cape Towns nightlife hotspots. New to music production, anticipate their first track release as they hone their sound design.

This OG Collective seeks to make the music industry accessible to more and share the passion fuelled life that all who are drawn to, can live. This is achieved in showcasing what that model can look like in forming this collective comprising of artists in varied stages in their music journey, sharing in musical strengths and industry network & know-how.

Follow our journey as we grow into our destiny.

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