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What do we do?

Growing OGs is a skill share and social impact NPO seeking to afford youth that have fallen out of formal education systems, the opportunity to gain an income earning skill. We seek to then reintroduce the students to educational training and will assist the completion of their own National Senior Certificate.

We focus on music and use this as our primary platform for our project. We host FREE DJ courses in the less privileged areas introducing our students to the opportunities that the music industry holds.

Classes start with everyone reporting back on what they managed to achieve the previous week furthering their DJ career.
We bring the hardware (Pioneer XDJ-XZ) for our students to practice their fundamentals – beat matching!
Concurrent to the DJ Course we host more advanced music production lessons. Here we have two guest DJ/Producers, Ben Tov (yellow vest) and Manuel Noeth (White t) sharing their production tips.

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